Redbuck Rounds

Standard Round Plastic Fence Posts

Redbuck Plastic Round Fence Posts are compatible with Commercial Rail Systems.

Available in 120mm featuring 8mm for the internal wall. Our stand-alone posts are also available in custom lengths and colours.

You can ram, cut, drill and screw into this post just as you would with timber, and can be used with commercially available rail systems and accessories.


Reedbucks' HDPE UV resistant and zero maintenance posts outlast timber and steel.

Redbuck Rounds standard plastic fence posts

Our Standard Round Plastic Fence Posts are non-toxic and termite proof, and will not rot, crack or splinter.

Redbuck's Standard Round Fence Posts

A Closer Look

HDPE UV resistant and zero maintenance posts will outlast timber and steel
Compatible with all fencing and rail systems
Our posts are non toxic and chew proof
Also available in custom lengths and colours

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Redbuck's Standard Round Fence Posts

A Closer Look

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From Rural to Mining, Civil to Equine, Redbuck Offers Unmatched Versatility

Redbuck's Adaptable Fence Post Solutions for Diverse Industries:

Tailored Solutions

We can help you customise sizes and solutions to suit your property including colours, length, installation and overall project requirements. Call to discuss a tailored solution.

Environmentally Friendly

Wineries & Organic Farming With no hazardous disposal required of treated pine, our posts will not crack, splinter, or leach toxins, making Redbuck Fence Posts an ideal zero maintenance solution to help protect your property and the environment.

Quality Materials

Redbuck fencing products have been designed, tested, and developed in conjunction with materials science expertise from the University of Queensland, ensuring fit for purpose strength and durability. Plus, the added benefit of featuring an attractive sleek profile adding to the property aesthetics.

Built for Longevity

Product longevity, and zero maintenance is a key design feature for Redbuck fencing products. Built from HDPE - High Density Polyethylene, Redbuck posts are stronger and will outlast timber and steel posts.

Redbuck Product Range

Unmatched Durability, Benefits, and Eco-Friendly Innovation.

Redbuck Weather Proof Fence Posts


The Redbuck range withstands harsh weather, unlike PVC alternatives.

Redbuck Fence Posts Termite and Rot Resistant

Termites & Rot Resistant

No termites. No rot. Ever. Unbeatable durability.

Redbuck Fence Posts with No Treated Pine Disposal

No More Treated
Pine Disposal

Eco-friendly posts, no hazardous disposal. Ideal for your property and the environment.

Redbuck Fence Posts are Chew Proof


Livestock will quickly learn the Redbuck range is chew-proof!

Redbuck Chemical Free Fence Posts


No harmful additives or treatments.

Leach Proof

Redbucks' eco-friendly fence posts won't leach toxins into the ground.

Redbuck Self Insulating Fence Posts


Easy electrification. Our non-conductive products ensure safety, no risks.

Redbuck Fence Posts wont Crack or Splinter

Won't Crack
or Splinter

Unlike timber, we boast 'REDBUCK structural integrity.'

Redbuck Fence Posts are Compatible with all Fencing Systems

Compatible with Fencing Systems

100% compatible with all construction methods, fencing, and rail systems.

Redbuck Offers Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Customisable sizes and solutions for your property needs.

Redbuck Fence Posts are Made from 100 Recycled Australian Plastics

100% Recycled

Long-lasting, sustainable, and 100% HDPE recycled plastics.

Redbuck Fence Posts are Australian Made

Australian Owned and Made

Redbuck products are proudly owned and manufactured in Australia.

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